Saturday, March 22, 2014

Examples of motherhood

I do, in general, really love being around my kids. They are fun, smart and kind... and then there is the whole, "they are my kids so of course I love them thing". But, sometimes I do find myself having a bad attitude about my kiddos. I feel annoyed by their constant demanding (you know, to be fed three meals a day and all of that). I feel frustrated and tired and soooo ready for bedtime.

But, I have noticed since stepping back from Facebook (originally I deactivated my account, but my Target Cartwheel app goes through my FB and I just wasn't willing to give that up! So, it is activated but I don't look at it...end rabbit trail HERE!) that I have had a much better attitude about motherhood. And after thinking about it for awhile I have realized that even as a mom I can be impressionable! Reading moms complaining about their kids being up early or throwing a tantrum in the store gets me in a complaining mode too! And I have totally been the mom complaining on Facebook too!

A lot of TV shows and books are the same way. I can sit and watch other moms roll their eyes at every childish thing their children do and then find myself doing the same thing a few hours later.

But, on the reverse side, I have found that immersing myself in good examples of motherhood can help me to have a good attitude in my heart towards my children! Picking up a Sally Clarkson book, reading a few chapters of Little Women, or watching an episode or two of Little House on the Prairie or 19 Kids and Counting can help me to renew my mind a bit and see my children as a blessing and have a heart of gratitude.

We often think so much about what our children are watching or reading and now impressionable they are, but we can be that way too! What goes in our minds really does stick in our hearts!

I know that no mom is perfect and I am not saying that we should pretend to never have a hard moment. But, I am finding that looking to women who have a good attitude toward motherhood helps those moments feel much less overwhelming!

What are some resources that help you to have a good attitude as a mom?

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