Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday around the web

I love to come on here from time to time and post some great reads I found around the internet this week. There are often many blog posts that have me shouting "amen!" and I love when people share good reads with me! So, it only seems fair to return the favor.

This article, "10 Reasons Why Handheld Devices Should Be Banned for Children Under the Age of 12"  by Chris Rowan, a pediatric occupational therapist was very eye opening. I disagree with her on one big point... that they should be banned. I am totally against big government. BUT, her points on why parents should CHOOSE to not allow handheld devices with children under 12 are very convincing. I have already noticed a difference in my children on days when they are not allowed screen time versus days when they are. And when those screens can be held in their own little hands it can be even more intense. Nick and I already decided a long time ago that our kiddos wouldn't have any of their own handheld devices and we have gotten some flack for that decision. But, I am thankful we have held firm with that and this article makes me consider limiting screen time even more.

"Why We Shouldn't Neglect to Meet Together" by Jon Bloom on Desiring God was a really great read for me this morning. I am actually home from church this morning since I was up all night again coughing and am still feeling really ick. But, I am thankful my family could go to church and am thankful for the reminder of why fellowship is so important.

And just for fun... We all know I love the Duggars, and I also loved watching their friends, the Bates family when they did a short season long show on TLC. I love the Bates family and their down to earth attitudes. I recently came across Mrs. Bates' blog and it is so much fun to look through! She also has lots of pictures of the most recent Bates family weddings- Erin and Zack's weddings. So, if you scroll back a bit you can see those.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekends! I have one big task on my to do list today... get better! So, I am going to go work on that!

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