Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Home is where the {heart} is.

This pin cracks me up. It is totally the story of my life! We get busy and are going and doing and having ALL the fun! Then I start to feel totally stressed and overwhelmed so we pare it all down, get into our home routine and lay low... until I get bored... and then it starts all over again!

Lately we have been on the busier side and I feel the need to get back into a routine and be home. Nick and I sat on the couch chatting last night and I was telling him how I just felt overwhelmed when I am away from home too much. As we chatted I realized that this hasn't always been the case, I used to love to go here, there, and everywhere all day long. But, I feel like God has really changed me and given me a heart for my home. I just haven't changed my behavior to match my heart yet!

I think while I love being social, for me right now I enjoy it the most inside my home rather than out and about. I love hosting our small group, having friends over for dinner, inviting someone over for coffee... so I know that I need to focus on doing those things more during this season of life.

I am looking forward to slowing down over the next few weeks and focusing on my home and the people inside of it. In the business of the past few months I feel like I have let my house get away from me. The cleaning has been somewhat maintained but a lot of my organizational systems have gone to the wayside and I just feel like things are sort of in disarray around here. I am looking forward to spending some time making our home the happy and calm place that I love for it to be.

So, hopefully I will be popping back in here a bit over the next few weeks and sharing some organizational posts! Happy Tuesday everyone!

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