Monday, March 31, 2014

What we are up to lately...

I am home with two little sickies today (and the two well children!). It has been a coughing-fest here at our house the past several days. Not my favorite but at least everyone seems to "feel" okay!

Sammy is napping right now, Sophie is cutting out pictures from her coloring book, and the "big boys" are playing Legos (their very favorite activity!) so I thought I would do a quick bullet point post on what has been going on these days in the Ramsey house.

  • Sam has started walking a little bit. He really hasn't showed much interest but is starting to take a few steps at a time. The other day Nick had him walking towards me and he took about 5 steps. I got so excited I screamed and poor Sam got so startled he started crying! Mother of the year right here. At least he can't fault me for lack of enthusiasm!
  • Nick and I finished season 2 of Downton Abbey and are starting Season 3. It is so good! My favorite way to watch TV shows is on DVD or Netflix where I can watch episodes whenever I want and also not have commercials!
  • We are headed to Kansas City this weekend as a family so that Sophie and I can go to my sister Emily's baby shower. My kids love going to stay at Aunt Emily and Uncle Simon's so we are all pretty excited.
  • I am a little on the dorky side and I love dressing our family in coordinating outfits for Christmas Eve and Easter. I don't stress too much about what my kids wear and for the most part they pick out their own clothes. But for Christmas Eve and Easter I love to dress up and have everyone all matchy! This year our "theme" for Easter is mostly pink, gray, and khaki with a few other colors mixed in. I got the kiddos outfits at Children's Place and was able to find outfits for Nick and I at Target and Kohls. I can't wait to see how it looks all together.
  • Tonight Nick is taking Max to Lego Club at our local library. They have been going once a month and I think it has been really fun for them. It has worked really well for our family because it is only once a month and it is free!
Oh, and since I am on a big Sonya Shafer kick right now after hearing her speak this weekend I thought I would share this wonderful article she wrote on early education. I love it and it definitely is making me re-think a few things!

And a random bullet post point just would not be complete without a few pictures. Here are some after bath pics from a few days ago. Nothing like squeaky clean kiddos in their p.j.s!

and yes... some of us are still rockin' the Christmas p.j.s at the end of March...

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