Saturday, March 8, 2014

Middle of the night ramblings!

It is 5 am on Saturday morning and I have been up since 3! I am not feeling too hot. I have been coughing my head off and having all sorts of icky cold symptoms. I am hoping a little blogging will help get me off to dream land before too long. The only perk of being sick on a Saturday is that my sweet hubs is home to help take care of the kiddos, because sick mom + 4 kids ages 7 and under can be a bit of a scary combination.

Despite feeling under the weather at the moment we had a good but very busy week. We had all of our normal stuff; school, piano lesson for Max, dance for Sophie, small group and a morning with Miss Ali. We were also blessed to have some fun extra friend time. We had some friends over for a playdate on Thursday morning and then Sophie and I went out Thursday evening and met up with some friends. And then yesterday, (Friday) we were blessed to have the Jenkins family spend some time with us! So, it has been a full week. We are supposed to have friends over tonight for dessert and games tonight so I am really hoping to feel well enough for that.

And just for fun, I thought I would share some things I am loving right now!

This book has been a super fun read-
It is written more for teenage girls... which I am not... because you know, I am in my 30's now... eek! But, I love reading about the Duggars and this book has some great ideas on how the girls felt their parents related to them and got to know their hearts which is super encouraging to read.

This show...
I am obsessed. I started watching it on Netflix so I was a few years behind. Now, I watch episodes online so I am only like a week behind the times. Pretty sure I am yet to watch an episode where I don't cry...

I love my Keurig and I don't think I have met a K-Cup that I don't like, but these ones are extra yummy.

And if you are drinking delicious coffee, this creamer is amazing!


I hope everyone has a good weekend! I am off to give the sleep thing another shot!

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