Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I Love My Home: Switching Rooms

I get a lot of grief for how often I rearrange furniture and switch things from room to room in my house. But, I am a firm believer in making your house work for you. As a growing family our needs are constantly changing and it just makes sense to change things up to fit our current needs.

Our most recent dilemma was with our kids bedrooms. Our set up was Sam in the front bedroom, Jack down the hall, and Max and Sophie together in the big bedroom in bunk beds. Well, since Nick started working from home we made his office in Sam's walk-in closet. It was a great place for him to work since it has a window and gives him the privacy he needs to actually get some work done.

But, as Sam was getting older it wasn't working for him to nap while Nick was working. Jack was also eager to move in with Max and have a "brothers room". And we also had Sophie wanting a little more space for her girly toys. So, in an effort to solve our problems we did a big room swap Sunday evening.

We moved Jack in with Max, Sam into the back bedroom (where it is nice and dark and less noisy), and Sophie into the front bedroom (which was her original room when we moved into this house!). It really has solved all of our current bedroom issues which is a huge blessing!
Sophie and Jack on Sophie's new bed
So, we still need to finish moving toys and organizing the rooms and probably down the line (maybe this summer) some re-decorating will take place. But, for now, this is a great change that helps me to love my home even more.

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