Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I Love My Home: Kitchen Organization

After yesterday's post I thought it might be fun to share throughout the month some things I am doing around the house on order to love my home more! It might be cleaning something, organizing, a new system, a diy home decor project... anything that helps me to love my home more and make it a happier place to live!

To get started this month I decided to give my kitchen some organization love. I bought this door organizer for my pantry about a month ago after reading about it here. Yesterday I texted my husband that it might be a fun night to actually install it! Voila...
I am in {organizational} love. I really enjoy cooking with spices so I have a pretty big collection, but they were tucked away all over my kitchen. So, every time I needed a spice I found myself looking for it in three or four different places! Now I have them all in one spot!

Since I couldn't see the labels on most of them I went ahead and wrote the spice name on the front of the lid on the bigger ones and on top of the smaller ones. Not the most professional looking but it certainly does the job.

I did get out my label maker for a few things. I put baking soda and cornstarch in mason jars to make it easier to use them without making a mess.

And, these cabinets aren't as impressive without a before picture but I was able to rearrange them both since I had some freed up space after moving the spices. I also moved all of the coffee stuff to right above the coffee maker... um... why didn't I do this before? 

Ahhh... organized spaces definitely make me happy! Oh, and aren't those white bins cute? I got those yesterday from the $1 spot at Target. I will be back with more updates throughout the month! 

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  1. I love this idea. Is your door hollow? If so, how did you get the screws to stay in? I'm afraid to drill holes in my door and then not have the shelf stay.