Thursday, December 20, 2012

A few last minute gift ideas

I thought I would pop in today on this lovely Thursday morning (said only with a touch of sarcasm because it is kind of a dreary cold day in these parts) and share with you a few last minute DIY gifts I made. I think homemade gifts are so much fun but it is never really something I have gotten into. This year I decided I wanted to make something for Nick's coworkers on his team and then I also needed a few little gifts for filler. So, I browsed around online and was inspired to create these two gifts this year.

Reindeer root beer:
How cute are these! I am so excited to give these to my cousins (I am guessing they don't read my blog in all of their teenager coolness). I would say these were certainly made with lots of love as I am pretty sure my fingerprints are gone after constantly burning them with hot glue!). (Oh, and see my pretty new tile backsplash in the background?)

For Nick's co-workers (and a few other people) I decided to make cute little jars and fill with homemade nuts.... I had good intentions. I started with plain mason jars and cheapo plastic animals from Wal-Mart:

Then I added a little gold spray paint, some string and these cute printables from here (I used Picasa to print them off in wallet size and printed them off on cardstock).

Here is a little bit better pic (although the color looks a little more copper in this one)

So, do you have some last minute gifts to make? Do you still have shopping to do? Enjoy your Christmas preparations, it will be over before we know it!

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