Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weekend fun

Our weekend has gotten off to a very good start. Friday night, Nick and I went to a discipleship meeting/gathering with our church at a bar-b-que place in town. The food was delicious and I love getting to hang out with our church family. Our church is actually getting ready to plant a new church in a nearby town so a lot of my good friends will be heading over to help start that. So, I am loving every chance I have to see them at church things until then! Also, since Nick and I got there early we got a free copy of the book we will be starting up in January for our next round of discipleship. I am really excited about this.

Since my parents babysat the night before the kiddos were worn out from all of the fun and slept in the next morning. Jack slept until 7:45 (about an hour later than usual). But Max slept until 9:30 and Sophie slept until 10! I was starting to worry about them! Ha! After everyone was up we had some errands to run so Nick and Jack went to the bank and the big kids and I headed to Target. We met up again at home to eat some lunch and do a little more Christmas decorating. I also whipped up a few freezer meals to stash away for this crazy time of year! Later in the afternoon my parents came over and my dad put up Christmas lights on our house (YAY!!!!). Now that the inside and outside of my house are decked out for Christmas I really feel like it is that "most wonderful time of the year". I love it! We spent the afternoon playing with the kiddos (inside and out... it was 65 degrees on December 1st!). Then after dinner we surprised the kiddos with going to our favorite drive-thru light display.

This morning everyone was up at their normal time and we are getting around and ready to head to church. I am excited to go to church this morning and hear the Word of God preached. I am so blessed by our pastors and our church and every Sunday is such a huge reminder of that.

I think the rest of the day will be spent catching up on laundry (I might have gotten a little behind...), watching some football, and hanging out with my peeps getting ready for another week!

I will leave you with a little throw-back of my kiddos. Here they are at Christmas time just one year ago! Wow!! What a difference a year makes!

I hope you all had a blessed weekend!

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