Monday, December 17, 2012


When we got home from our fun morning adventure on Friday I got on my computer and saw the news. My hearts sank. I cried a lot. 

After Friday's horrific events I couldn't help but soak up my kiddos this weekend. I couldn't help but think that everything they did was precious, and wonderful, and perfect.

Being a mom to these three is one of the absolute greatest joys and blessings of my life. I cannot begin to imagine what the parents in Connecticut who lost their children are feeling.

It is such a struggle when horrific things happen to understand "why". And while I have no answers and can not wrap my mind around it at all, I find comfort in the fact that God was the same God on Friday that he was the day before. And that he is good and works all things out for good... even when we can't see it right now.

I thought of this song this weekend and it was a good reminder for me of what Jesus has done for those who have put our hope and faith in Him.

My hope is that we don't quickly forget. I saw a lot of people online sharing the same sentiment of appreciating their own children so much more and hugging them much tighter. Let's not go back to taking them for granted. The urgency we felt on Friday is the urgency that exists daily. None of us knows the number of our own days or those of our children. And while we should not live in fear we should live making each day with our children count. Everyday we should be asking ourselves if we have prayed with our children today, shared the gospel with them today, hugged them today, told them "I love you" today....

Tomorrow is a blogger day of silence for the victims at Sandy Hook so I won't be on here tomorrow. Visit here for all of the details if you are interested in participating. It will be a wonderful reminder to use tomorrow to pray for those parents (and grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc) that our hearts are so broken for.

I hope you all have a good Monday today and enjoy this week leading up to Christmas!

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  1. Visiting you from Better Mom. This is when people can begin to hate God because a "loving God" would never do such a thing. But you have it right. He is good today and always. Maybe we all needed to hug our kids a little tighter.

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