Tuesday, January 22, 2013


The fabulous weekend that I wrote about in my Random Friday post didn't go off exactly as planned... In fact, it was kind of a stinky weekend.

Friday night I started feeling really itchy... only to discover that I had hives spreading all over my body. I was up all night itching and scratching. I applied lots of cream, took a bath... I was miserable. I finally caved in and called my doctor at 6:30 in the morning (he sounded a little sleepy... sorry doc!). He said to give Benadryl a try and if I was still having the hives in 24 hours to give him a call back. I ran to Walgreens at 6:45 on Saturday and took the Benadryl in the parking lot!

Within about an hour or so I was feeling much better. The hives had gone down. I felt sleepy and out of it (gotta love Benadryl!) but at least I wasn't about to crawl out of my skin.

I got to go to my Sprinkle feeling relatlively good. And I am so glad because it was so much fun! A few of my close girlfriends came and all of the ladies in my family. They blessed the socks off of me and our sweet baby boy. I am pretty sure I am set for diapers and wipes for the first 6 months! Not to mention I also got a new carseat! It was so fun. My sister did an amazing job!
Photo: My sister threw a beautiful baby "sprinkle" today! I am feeling so blessed and loved!
And how cute is the cake? I really loved the blue owl theme my sister went with.

After the shower we headed out for the birthday lunch. As soon as I sat down I started itching again. I looked down and my wrists were covered in hives. I had hives off and on the whole day and night and called my doctor back on Sunday morning. He perscribed some steroids for me and said he believes it is a PUPPS rash which is a fairly common pregnancy condition... although it most often occurs in first time moms which I obvioulsy am not!

Sunday afternoon I was still itchy but was dealing. The Benadryl didn't seem to be helping anymore at this point. We went to lunch with my parents and sister and bro-in-law before they went back to KC. I was feeling okay so I told my parents I thought we still wanted to go on our date. They came over after lunch and Nick and I went and saw Les Mis. I was fairly itch free during the movie which was great because I LOVED the movie! I have seen the musical live at least 4 times and so I am a big fan anyway. But, I was very pleased!

I wasn't feeling super hungry after the movie (I think Benadryl suppresses my appetite?) so we decided to go to Panera. I got some good time with the hubs which was very good. The hives came back with a vengeance before bed and I was pretty miserable most of the night.

I spent most of Monday in bed alternating between napping and itching! Here is a pic I took last night. My hives were actually a lot more red than the pic shows. And they were all over! Including down my legs, on my neck... ahhh!

Photo: I am not enjoying these hives at all! I want a redo on my 3 day weekend!
Today I was mostly hive free until about 2:30 this afternoon. Thankfully my mom came by and kept me entertained for a little while which was great. I have found that distraction is the biggest help in dealing with these hives.

My doctor is actually out of town this week but I will see another doctor in the practice on Thursday. I have a  feeling she will say something like, "oh, that's too bad". But, we will see!

So, needless to say it wasn't the weekend I had planned. And did I mention that the hubs was sick with a nasty cold on top of it all? But, he was totally a rockstar and took care of everything for me even though he wasn't feeling great either. I am so thankful for that man.

And despite the itching this little man is totally worth it... but, if the hives could go away soon that would be great! :)

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  1. I had puppy's with my first. It is miserable. Hang in there Mama.