Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Recap Part 2

We woke up and spent the first part of Christmas morning opening presents at our house. We have a little tradition where we get each of the kiddos three presents. We had a great time opening them up and getting everything put together.

We started with stockings. All of the kiddos got new Spin Brushes.

I honestly think this was one of Sophie's favorite gifts. She had been asking for one for months and reciting the commercials to her dad!

Nick and I fill each other's stockings. This year the criteria was to spend around $30 and we had to buy at least three things. One of the gifts Nick bought me a new notebook to take notes in at church... he knows that office supplies are the way to my heart.

The kiddos got Star Wars Angry Bird stuffed animals in their stockings too.

All of the kiddos got new dress-up outfits as one of their gifts. Dress-up is one of the number one played games in our house. These have all been very popular.

Max's "big" gift was a Ninja Turtle van. He loves Ninja Turtles right now. It is pretty cute.

Jack's "big" gift was this car rug. It has been by far the winner for most loved gift. He is obsessed with it. Everytime we turn around Jack is grabbing one of us by the hand and pulling us up to his room with the announcement that it is "rug time".

Afterwards we headed to my parent's house. More pics of that to come!

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