Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Big Boy Bed

This happened 2 nights ago....
Photo: First night in his big boy bed!
We set up a toddler bed for Jack and he slept in it all night. He was so excited and we were so  proud of our big boy! Then yesterday at nap time Jack insisted on sleeping in his crib again! And then again at bed time!

So, I am not sure when he will be ready to move over to the big boy bed full time! But, I am not one to push these things. When we were having Sophie I really felt like Max was not ready for a big boy bed (he was 22 months old when she was born) so we went ahead and bought another crib. Max ended up sleeping happily in his crib until he was 3 1/2. I am not one to mess with a good thing! I really feel like for the most part little ones do things when they are ready. I feel like a lot of people try to rush their kiddos to the next step and I like to let them be little while they can. So, I am not one to rush potty training, big beds, giving up blankies, etc.

So, if Jack decided he needs to stay in his crib for awhile longer I am not too worried. I have a feeling he won't be still sleeping in the crib at 13. The plan is for Jack and the new baby to share a room but we will have the baby in our room for awhile and we can always change plans if we need to. And we are having fun setting up their cute little shared room even if they don't end up sharing a room for a long time!

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