Monday, January 14, 2013

Raising your kid when his glass is usually half empty

I love my 6 year old little boy so much. He is ridiculously intelligent, handsome, funny, and he gives the best snuggles around. He really is a sweet boy. But, he is also kind of a pessimist  His natural inclination in most situations is to see the negative side of things... and to point it out!

I often have joked with the hubs that if we took Max to Disney World and let him ride ever ride twice and eat as much candy as he wanted his response at the end of the day would be that he didn't get to ride each ride three times and they didn't offer enough chocolate at the happiest place on earth...

My husband says he can relate and remembers being the same way as a kid. I am very thankful that I have his perspective in this area because sometimes it feels like I am failing big time as a mom and am raising a really ungrateful kid. But, it is good to see that there is hope of him outgrowing this!

But for now, I am here dealing with the day in and day out of helping a pessimistic child navigate the world... a world which is often boring in his opinion. It can be very disheartening to try to teach the same lessons day in and day out. Most days I feel like I am not getting anywhere.

I am not sure what the point of this post is. I have in no way "arrived" and have no real advice to offer. But, if you area dealing with the same thing, know that I feel for ya! And I am choosing to persevere. I believe that God does have big plans for my sweet Max and I believe that He is at work in his heart.

In the meantime I am focusing on

  • Helping Max to see the positive, pointing out the bright side for him.
  • Correcting and dealing with behavior issues. 
  • Helping him develop self control, especially in the area of his speech (even though we are unhappy with something it isn't always okay to say it!)
  • Helping him to think about others (it just does not come naturally to Max... total opposite of his sister in this way!) by reminding him about other people's feeling and opinions. We do lots of storytelling, talking through and practicing different scenarios, etc.
  • Giving him opportunities to love and serve others.
  • Pray, pray, pray!
And even in all of the harder things, I wouldn't trade this boy for the whole world. Doesn't that dimple almost do you in? Love my little man... even though he stretches me as a mom in ways I never thought possible!

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  1. Katie, I hope you are prepared because when I have kids I feel like I'll be emailing you everyday!

    These are the kinds of things you just don't think about before having kids. I mean, "what if my kid is a picky eater," or "how will I discipline," come to mind, but it's hard to imagine your kid's personality before they exist!

    I think maybe the most sensitive and intelligent people can be pessimists (I think Brett is like this sometimes- not my kid, but someone who I spend LOTS of time with!) I think maybe they just absorb so much of the world that it's sort of a protection for them. Keeps them from being disappointed or hurt.

    My guess is that with a mom and a family like y'all, he might always see the glass as half empty, but I doubt it will ever stand in his way of loving, and creating, and giving back.

    Also- thanks for the shout out! :)

  2. What an adorable little man, I'm sure with God's help you will do ok in the long run :)