Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dinner Tonight: Chicken Sausage Pitas

Dinner tonight was a hit so I couldn't help but share a little "recipe". We do not have a Trader Joe's super close (cue pouty face) so we made a little "field trip" there today. We had a great time and we picked up some of these babies...

They looked so good but I had no idea what to do with them. So, I did a little Internet browsing and came up with this based on what I had on hand and a mish mash of what I found! I had a few of these on hand...

 I also had an onion, orange pepper, green pepper, and some plain greek yogurt (also from our TJ's trip!) So, here is my little recipe with assembly instructions:

  1. Brown sausages in a skillet and then transfer to the oven and cook at 350 degrees Fahrenheit until internal temp reaches 170.
  2. Chop up peppers and onions and saute in olive oil until soft and a little black (yummy!)
  3. Add a little olive oil to the skillet and brown pitas on each side, one at a time
  4. Assemble!
 Add some plain Greek yogurt on your warm pita

then add your sausage and peppers

then "embrace" your pita!

then listen to your husband make yummy noises!

The added bonus of these delicious little babies is that they are good for you! The sausages have 150 calories a piece and the pitas have 60. They are also low in carbs... if you care about that sort of thing... which sadly, we do.

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  1. Katie, those look (and sound) delicious!!! I love that they're healthy, too. I have a super easy, amazingly yummy recipe for tzatziki, which sounds like it would go nicely with your recipe.

    Combine greek yogurt, grated (or chopped) peeled and seeded cucumber, grated garlic, and a little salt to taste.

    I may have to make a trip to our TJs and find those sausages!!