Thursday, May 12, 2011

If you were to jump inside my brain today...

you would probably be a little nervous! Ha! Just kidding! I was just trying to think of a way to describe a post that is about all of the random things going on in my life!

After yesterday's post I feel like things are going better with Max. I am working very hard at not taking his behavior personally and not reacting to it. When he throws a fit or disobeys I am trying to just calmly handle the situation accordingly and not get emotional about it. I think it is making a big difference for both of us already. Last night Max told Nick that he (Max) doesn't like the way I talk to him sometimes. And that has really been on my mind. I don't like that I get so frustrated with him. So, today I am going to work harder at being more "gentle" when I talk to Max.

I got a message yesterday about the tone of my blog being more negative lately. I was thinking a lot about that. I don't want my blog to come off as negative. I am attempting to be "real" and just share what is going on in my life. When I first became a Christian I was under the impression that all Christians used to be a mess but then they found Jesus and now their lives are pretty close to perfect. I struggled so long with feeling like I just wasn't good enough. Then when I started going to Friend2Friend at our church I started hearing women being totally open about things. Women sharing that they were really struggling in their marriages, struggling with real sins, struggling with being good moms... and they were honest about where they were at RIGHT then. And I got to witness God working in them first hand. I was encouraged and God was glorified. I realized this past year that I want to see God get all of the glory in my life. I can't do that if I am hiding the work that he is doing in me. So, I have chosen to set aside my own pride and share my real life in hopes of God recieving the glory for the amazing things he does in my life and I truly believe that starts with being honest. (So! there you go! Don't worry, I haven't become a Debbie Downer all of the sudden! I am just trying to share more!)

Yesterday it was so warm here! We spent some time outside yesterday afternoon and actually got REALLY hot!! This morning we got the water table out and played outside for awhile. It was so nice! I love to be able to get outside with the kids. Until some wasps came and started bugging us. My son has inherited (genetically, I swear! I have never mentioned them to him!) my extreme fear of wasps. He has also inherited my fear of balloons. Not kidding.

I am sure I am jynixing myself here but Jack has slept through the night the past few nights and it has been delightful. Honestly, it seems tied to the fact that we have been at home a lot more during the day so he has been able to get regular naps in. It is so much harder to keep a baby on a schedule when there are other children to keep entertained!

I will leave this random, poorly written post with some pictures of the kiddos outside yesterday!

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  1. Pish posh, you are probably the most opposite of a Debbie Downer/Negative Nancy that I shall call you Silver-Lining Sally!

    Motherhood is TOUGH, and not every day is roses. I appreciate your transparency and I'm sure that you are encouraging others with it too! And I'm glad I can be transparent with you too! And I can guarantee you that 50 years from now when your babies reflect on their childhood, they won't remember the random days of their mommy being fussy! They'll remember the fun, love, and the godly legacy you're leaving with them every day! Love you!