Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sunday Letters

Sunday Letters late again! But, what is important is remembering what was going on with my kiddos!

Dear Max,

I feel like we are taking one step forward and two steps back sometimes when it comes to your behavior. You are just a little man who knows what you want! And I am just a mom who has never had a four year old or a boy before! But, luckily for you, you are stinkin' adorable so I know we will get there!

Yesterday was your last day of Mom's Day Out. You really enjoyed it this year but you are excited to go to preschool next year. Actually, you keep telling me you want to go to kindergarten so it could be a long year waiting! I think that when you do start kindergarten you will be READY!

This week you have been doing a lot of drawing and have also been showing more interest in writing letters and numbers. It is so neat to see you take an interest in these things all on your own.

Dear Sophie,

You are growing up so fast! You have been asserting your independence more these days. You let us know what you think about everything! You especially let us know about the things that you don't like.

You had a great year at Mom's Day Out. I think your teachers really got to see you come out of your shell. You are not super talkative around people you don't know well but I think by the end you were talking your teacher's ears off! They loved seeing your personality come out!

Dear Jack,

You gave me quite a scare yesterday when I realized you had a temperature of 103.3 under your arm! Luckily it went down right away with Motrin. I am sure it is just some little virus but I want you to be better!

You have started cruising around the furniture which is adorable and hard to believe all at the same time. Your birthday really is just around the corner! You also have started "chatting" a lot. It was cute to hear you chatter to your Grandma and Daddy yesterday!

Dear Nick,

You know the drill... I love you, you rock. :)

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