Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekend Recap

We managed to have ourselves a very fun weekend! We spent Friday night with friends. So much fun! Then we had a date on Saturday during the day (Grandparents rock! as do aunts and cousins who pop in to help babysit as well!). Then we went to Saturday night church. At this point in life that has been working really well for us because it doesn't interfere with anyone's morning nap and then we have Sunday wide open! Like this Sunday we went to the ZOO! Our first trip of the year! (along with everyone else in St. Louis!) But we still had fun! Here are some pics from our little adventure...
Ready for action

Me and my kiddos ready to see the zoo

Max is our resident animal lover so he led the way

The elephants are always fun to see

Getting an up close view of the elephants cooling off

My little flamingos checking out the flamingos

Jack and Daddy waiting in line for the train

Sophie and Daddy on the train (FYI- Sophie now really doesn't like the train! She keeps reminding me)

Me and my favorite baby on his first train ride!

Mommy and the boys ready to ride the train

We also got to do a few fun projects this weekend. Nick worked on my laundry room shelves. They are now assembled and painted and are now just waiting to go up. I can't wait to post pictures. I originally was going to put some cabinets over my washer and dryer but after looking for some online laundry room inspiration I realized open shelving seemed much prettier and bonus, cheaper! So, we went that route! Plus, my handy hubby did all the handy work himself! Anyway, more on that later!

I also did this little DIY project! I wanted to grow some herbs and saw this cute idea floating around on the interwebs. I used chalkboard paint to paint these pots and then white paint for the bottoms. I think they turned out super cute!

(sorry for the terrible lighting in this pic!)

I am very happy with how our weekend turned out. I just love weekends like this one that were a good mix of relaxation and productivity!

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