Monday, May 9, 2011

Wedding Weekend!

What a crazy, busy, and fun weekend!! My little sister got married this weekend!! It was SO much fun! But it kept us so busy!

Friday we had a little bridal luncheon, went and got our nails done, and then had the rehearsal and dinner. It was all so much fun! (And of course I don't have a single picture to show for it! I never had my camera with me!)

Saturday I met up with the girls in the afternoon for hair and make-up and then it was off to the wedding for pictures and all of that fun stuff! The wedding was beautiful, my sister looked beautiful, everything was beautiful!! And we had a blast!

The kids even did a great job! I had NO IDEA how they would do. I guess when I walked down the aisle they started getting really nervous. Then someone told them to go ahead down the aisle and walk towards Mommy. Max grabbed Sophie by the hand and dragged her down the aisle. Her flower petals were flying out of her basket and it was precious. And Jack slept in his babysitter's arms through the whole thing!

The kiddos went home after the ceremony (God bless our wonderful babysitter) so the hubs and I got to dance the night away! I was nervous to give my speech at the reception but even that went suprisingly well (suprising because I didn't start writing it until that morning!)

I was a little emotional leading up to the wedding because my own wedding was a little bit of a disaster (understatement)! It was beautiful... but a disaster! All anyone ever talks about when looking back to mine was everything that went wrong! And I can't blame them... it was kind of crazy! I was a little jealous of Emily's wedding being so perfect! But, at the end of the night I felt better. I realized that the best part about my wedding was that it made me married to the most wonderful man and to be honest, there are lots of funny wedding memories to joke about! And since that day we have had many "perfect moments"... they just weren't at our wedding!

Hopefully I will get some pictures soon to post! My sister looked so gorgeous and my kiddos looked ADORABLE so I can't wait to share!

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  1. all i remember from your wedding was how beautiful you were and the look on nick's face when he saw you walking down the aisle. you're still the sweetest couple i know! but i have to admit i am totally curious about the disasters that tell! :)