Thursday, May 26, 2011

Friends and tornados

Man! I am ready for tornado season to go away! I am so saddened by all of the devastation that has been caused by tornados all around our part of the country. We had some pretty intense storms yesterday but thankfully no tornados where we are. We did spend some time in our basement though.

Our hilight of yesterday was getting to spend some time with our amazing friends who are now living North Africa. We hadn't seen them in almost two years and it was SO wonderful to catch up. Because of the storms they came later than we planned so they left their sweet little girl with family and just came over with their newest addition, Josiah. He is 5 months old and has the sweetest red hair! Jack and Josiah hit it off right away! I think they could be good friends!


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Getting to spend the evening with them was such a huge blessing to both Nick and I! We love Andrew and Christy so much and are so thankful for their friendship. It is so special to spend time with people who you feel like no time has passed at all when you get back together. Unfortunatly, I didn't get any pictures of the grown-ups! :( But, trust me, we looked happy!

Today is a rainy and gray day. I am really trying to be in a good mood but this weather is not helping! Nick is leaving after work today to go with our church to volunteer in Joplin. For some reason I am feeling a little anxious about him going. I think it is just that I have never been home alone overnight a) since living in this house and b) with three kids. I know! I am a total spoiled whimp!! Nick doesn't travel for work at all and so it has just never come up!!

But, I am so glad Nick is going on this trip. Nick really has the gift of service. He is awesome at jumping in, doing the dirty work, and doing what needs to be done. And he does it joyfully. He is an awesome example of servanthood to me and our kids so I am glad he is getting this oportunity. Please pray for Nick and the team from Calvary Church as they head to Joplin this afternoon. May God be glorified during this tragic time in Joplin.

I guess I had better get to my day! Pray for me- I will be home alone with three kids until Saturday night!!

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  1. Katie, I'll definitely pray for you and Nick. How long will he be in Joplin? Matt's dad went down on Monday and expects to be there 2 weeks but doesn't really know (he works for an electrical company, so he's working on restoring power, etc.) I keep seeing on facebook about people who are driving over to help however they can, and it's so heartwarming.