Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer Shelves

I have a set of shelves in my kitchen that I love to decorate seasonally. I got the idea from Shelly at House of Smith's (she has about a million great ideas). I put them up (haha... that was "I" as in the hubs!) and have decorated them for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day and Easter. There isn't really a good "decorating" holiday right now so I decided to just go off of a neat print I got from Tar-jay and go with a summery feel... maybe in hopes of making summer come quicker!

The fork, knife, and spoon print that stared it all

I had to take my "R" off of the wall to add it to the display!

I love these blue fruit bowls from Kohls

I might have a thing for monograms... we are looking into it

I LOVE canning jars

I also got to bring out a few of my red dishes I got for our wedding from Pier 1

It works!... Until I get bored again!
I am pretty happy with how it turned out! Although sadly... I did break my white glass chicken in the rearranging process... there were only a few tears. I like the bold colors of this arrangement. Plus, I will easily be able to transition to 4th of July by just adding a few things! I think I might need to bring my red Kitchen Aid mixer and red toaster and let my kitchen be a little funky for awhile! (Do people say funky?)

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  1. very cute! and if by "people" you mean me, then yes. people say funky!