Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Friday

Yay! Friday is here! And that means the wedding weekend is here too! Tomorrow is the big day. My little sister is becoming Mrs. Simon Goodwin and we are all pretty excited about it. Simon has been a part of the family for awhile now so we are excited to make it official.

I am the maid of honor, Max is the ring earer and Sophie is the flower girl. They are going to be adorable (Lord, please let them cooperate!) Actually, Max is going to be the ring penguin according to him... yes, this could be disasterous! I will let you know!

Today my fabulous friend Heather is watching my kids so I can go to the brial luncheon and get my nails done with the ladies. I am beyond grateful! It is a challenge to find childcare in the middle of a weekday when you have three wild crazy spirited children!

Tonight is the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. The dinner is at the Wing Haven Country Club which sounds like it will be fun!

Anyway, I better get to cleaning my house! It is a mess! Pray for us this weekend that everyone cooperates... including the WEATHER! Happy Friday everyone!

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